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Qimen county project

Qimen county project

Entry name:Qimen Landfill Leachate Treatment Center

Project location:Landfill Leachate Treatment Center of Qimen County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Operation mode:Managed operation of leachate treatment station

Technology:Adjusting tank + pretreatment +MBR (pre-denitrification A/O+ built-in ultrafiltration) + membrane depth treatment (NF/RO)

  • Case description

The leachate treatment engineering design adopts the "comprehensive regulating tank +MBR (two-stage A/O+ built-in ultrafiltration membrane) + membrane depth treatment unit (NF+RO)" treatment process, to ensure that the water quality discharge standards.

The advanced treatment system adopts NF+RO reverse osmosis combined treatment system, which is bound to produce a certain amount of concentrated liquid, which mainly contains macromolecular organic matter and inorganic salts that are difficult to biodegrade, and is difficult to be treated. In order to ensure that the water quality of the concentrated solution can meet the requirements of reuse water, the concentrated solution is designed to be treated by recharging.

The treatment process of "comprehensive regulating tank + physicochemical pretreatment + built-in MBR (first-level A/O+ built-in ultrafiltration membrane)" was adopted in the leachate treatment project. After treatment, the water quality meets the discharge standard in Table 2 of "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008).


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