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Process and principle of landfill leachate treatment equipment

2021-02-05 11:35:49

  Pay attention to garbage classification, pay attention to our ecological environment. The compliance rate of garbage classification has increased from 15% before the implementation of the Household Waste Management Regulations to more than 90%, and the compliance rate of unit classification has reached more than 90%. The report card of garbage classification will be highlighted again in the action. According to relevant data, by June, more than 21,000 classified delivery points had been standardized, and 15,000 recyclable service points, 201 transfer stations and 10 collection and distribution centers had been built. The proportion of garbage disposed in landfills dropped from 41 percent to 20 percent. The landfill leachate treatment equipment adopts pretreatment + membrane process + sterilization as the main treatment process, which can remove high concentration of putrid liquid, and the treated landfill leachate can basically meet the discharge standard of the industry.



Main working principle of landfill leachate treatment equipment:

After the equipment is pressurized, it enters the quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter and security filter in turn, and then enters the primary DTRO membrane element under the pressure of the high pressure pump. The water produced enters a special storage tank, and then enters the high pressure pump after disinfection, and the high pressure pump passes through the secondary DTRO membrane element through pressurization. The system has large water flux, high desalination, decolorization and denitrification rate, and long service life. After the treatment of DTRO membrane, all the salts in the water, such as nitrite, bacteria, viruses, ions, toxic organic matter, microorganisms and some harmful to human body are removed.

Protect the environment, pay attention to garbage classification, reduce the landfill leachate discharge from the root. Landfill leachate treatment equipment has the characteristics of mature technology, low operating cost and easy operation, so it has been recognized by many users.

The above is the process and principle of landfill leachate treatment equipment, I hope to be helpful to you.